Computer Problem Solving

The initial goal of learning problem solving was to help us to solve problems that a computer program could be used for to help solve. The initial six step problem solving model that was presented can be used to help solve any type of problem. If we know that we are going to use a computer program to help solve the problem, the six steps can be translated into six steps that are more tailored for computer programming problems. They are the same basic six steps; they are just more focused on computer programming problems.

The table below shows the initial six steps that we have been using for generic problems. They are then translated into the six steps we will be following for computer programming problems.


Generic Step

Computer Programming Step


What is the problem

Top-Down Chart


Make a model

Flow Chart & StoryBoard


Analyze the model



Find the solution

Actually type in the code


Check the solution

Style check & test for errors


Document the solution

Document the code – comments & GitHub

These six steps are here to help you. Most people have the urge when they are given a programming assignment to just go to the computers and start coding. This is NOT a good idea. If you have not thought through the problem first and worked through these steps, you will make too many mistakes, get lost and waste too much time.